Addiction To Porn? Here Are Some Hard Facts!


First and foremost – Understanding the reasons for choosing such an activity, this will help in regaining freedom from this compulsion and reconnect to the most important people in your life.

Most people can stop themselves from looking at porn for a short time but can not resist the urge for too long; which is symptomatic of being addicted to porn Most psychologists opine that porn is addictive but some yet disagree. That is not addictive as in a drug – the truth is, calling porn addictive really explains nothing avpockie.

Understanding The Need

Trying to understand Why are you hooked? There are many reasons: “that’s typical of men”, “men are visually oriented”, “well, I’m not hurting someone”, “it’s got nothing against you, sweetheart”, and of course, “its better than chasing other women! ”

Nothing seems to make sense though, and the only fact that emerges is that porn satisfies some deep seated desire or need within. The feeling or the need Whether it is boredom, or fantasy, or an desire for someone; you can see

Understand this, and half your battle is already won.

Why Is Porn Relevant?

Watching porn meets some basic needs Some of us are reserved and instinctively avoid letting others know the real feelings They find expressing or showing someone their deepest self. This leads to a feeling of lowered self esteem; from which arises a destructive as well as deeply unsatisfying cycle of thought and intent.

When you want someone without a fear of rejection, and real men or women do not meet that need – the closest alternate one finds porn. That is why with porn is not such anxiety; No worry that he or she was not good enough Porn generates images of those always ready when one needs them and fitting in whatever role one likes

But Is Porn Enough?

Real life relationships are challenging Many people find it difficult to overcome them, too much They are really guarding Under such circumstances, for them porn But then it is never really fulfilling as real life touch is missing and that leads to vulnerability This is a vicious cycle, which can lead to an addiction like situation.